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Installation and commission is key link of realizing processing test, mine designed equipment manufacture, and directly takes influence on production.Installation and commission includes: equipment packing, shipping, site installation and commissioning.
Installation and commission of processing plant equipment is a very careful work with strong practicality. Any error may lead to low recovery which cannot reach the expectation. For example: in different construction, the same type of equipment would have deviation because of the opening location, installation, water and reagent usage, etc. These differences will have a significant impact on the final recovery rate.
 Baisheng upholds customer fist. There are 3 methods of installation and commission according to the actual situation of customers.
▶ Free guide of installation
We can send related viteran technician to guide customer with the equipment installation and commissioning for saving customer's cost.The customer should responsible for the travel charge of the technician.
▶ Contract for materials
Baisheng arranges the installation and commission technicians, and clients prepare the components and instruments of installation of commission.
▶ Contract for labor and materials
Baisheng is responsible for tools, materials and personnel allocation of the installation and commission. Customers can directly wait for the final results.

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