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Three parts of mine design: feasibility study, preliminary design, and construction plan.
The key to mine design is all must be established on the basis of detailed investigation, and therefore baisheng Mine Design Institute will firstly take a comprehensive field study to the mine of clients including the crude ore for dressing plant, site, water, electricity, traffic, geography, etc.
These investigation contents need the cooperation of geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power and other departments.Baisheng 3D design drawing is very advanced technology in mining design industry, which makes each detail intuitive and convenient to install.
I、Feasibility study
In the feasibility study stage, work includes: planning, investigation, data collection, planning and optimization, project evaluation, "report" writing, and exchanging views with commissioned units to form a formal report.
In all the work of the working group to carry out, investigation, data collection and plan optimization is the most important basis for selecting plant construction scheme. For these important parts, the working group requires different professional division and cooperation, including: Geological speciality; Mining speciality; Minining machiney speciality; Civil engineering speciality; Electric power speciality; Mineral processing speciality. In addition, the specialties needing to collecting information including general plan transportation (geographic and topographic data; social economy; weather; flood; engineering geology and hydrology geology; traffic; environmental protection), tailings (tailings information, hydrometeor), drainage, HVAC, etc.
By the data collection and the feasibility study from the various specialties, Mine Design Institute ultimately determines a feasible scheme for the plant construction and writes the " feasibility study report " submitted to the relevant departments.
Clients would have a general understanding of the processing plant scale, investment scale, profit and other key factors by "Feasibility study report".
II、Preliminary design
Design mainly involves dressing, general layout, electric power, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimates, economic benefit. For the improvement and extension enterprises, the preliminary design will illustrate the status, characteristics, plant, main problems, utilization of main buildings and equipment.
Baaisheng Mine Design Institute has many engineers who can design different types of processing plants (less investment, quick capital return or easy management) according to clients’ requirements. what's more, the design cost is lower than the national standard.
After the completion of the preliminary design, Design Institute experts will gather all content to form the detailed “Preliminary design report " submitted to the competent department of Mine Design Institute.
III、 Working drawings
When the preliminary design is approved, Mine Design Institute starts to design working drawings. Every aspect of processing plant needs a lot of construction drawings (generally, over 100 working drawings), such as civil construction. Engineers of Baisheng Mining Institute are numerous with rich experience and drawing speed. When the working drawings are completed, the designers must hand the drawings over to construction commanding officers, especially, the notes, strict regulation and important content.

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